Our Dog Beliefs

imageDonna is someone who has a great understanding of dog behavior and human psychology. Having skills in both, Donna has a unique capacity to educate owners in order to better understand how their dog thinks. Facilitating more effective communication with their canine companion. The goal is to create a stronger bond and understanding in order to maintain a happy home. She likes to say that she helps dogs living in a cloudy world see everything in black and white.

Leland and Oakley training
Dog training is much more about psychology than behavior. Fortunately, dogs are really very simple, basic creatures. They only need four things to be happy in life: air, water, food, and touch. By temporarily moderating any of these, they will quickly learn good behaviors when you reward them in return. The key is to give dogs what they need at the right time, not just because. You get what you pet. For example, if you pet your dog and give it affection when it is scared, you’re actually reinforcing that fear is acceptable in that situation, instead of instilling confidence.


There are many different schools of thought when it comes to dog training. As a balanced trainer, Donna has a toolbox full of tricks. When she first meets a new dog and owner, she determines which techniques and tools will work best for that dog and owners ultimate goals. Most dogs have breed-specific personalities (self-centered, easy to please, mellow, passive, or high-energy), which can help indicate what style will be effective. It’s important to train the whole brain of a dog, not just concentrate on an isolated issue.


After discussing with the owners, Donna frequently recommends remote collar training. She prefers Wilson Airedale Terrierhaving this additional tool instead of soley utilizing positive reinforcement.  She believes this to be one of the most effective ways to train dogs quickly and give owners the confidence to continue the training beyond the program. Correct use of the remote training collar, when combined with a leash, teaches dogs to sit, stay, heel, stay, wait and come. It is an invisible leash. The goal can be to attain off-leash reliability and give the owners confidence in their overall control of leadership.
Bailey Shih Tzu trainingDonna’s goal is to deeply educate the owner training the owner with their dog, so that results will be long lasting. With that in mind, she demonstrates mistakes as she is training, so owners can see what happens when consistency is missing. Like any type of routine, discipline is needed to maintain results. If you stop going to the gym after you get in shape, you’ll fall back out of shape. Similarly if you stop reinforcing techniques with your dog after they are trained, disobedience will again take hold.


We love our dog walks

We love our dog walks


In addition to training, Donna has a great team of professional dog walkers and pet nannies that are the best on the South Shore. They are trained to understand dogs and will do everything to make sure your pets get the best care. Everyone at The Daily Dog, LLC has Background Checks and is Bonded and Insured. Who else would you trust with you best friend?