Feedback from Our Clients:

MA dog training“Donna has been a long-time volunteer with Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc. and has fostered and trained some of our hardest rescue dogs. Donna has patience, expertise, and an understanding of the breed. Her years of volunteering will certainly give her the background and knowledge to branch out to begin her own business as a certified dog trainer at The Daily Dog.”

Laurie Guptill
Board of Directors
Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc.
Sandown, NH



Best Trainer and Pet care service I’ve ever used!                                                                              I started off with the Daily Dog as a walking
service. They make it so easy, with online scheduling and information upload about my dogs. They use a lock box system so I don’t have random keys floating out in the world. And I always get updates on how my fur babies were on their walks.

I also personally used Donna for training of my 10yr old, very stubborn and smart dog who was essentially torturing me. I learned how to be the alpha, to maintain control and to still have a wonderful relationship with my dog!

I can’t say enough good things. Just HIRE THEM!

Melissa Marram, Scituate, MA, June 2017


Kellie and Shawna,

Thank you so much for taking care of Mya (and the kittys) while we were out of town for my daughter’s college graduation in SC. I truly appreciate the Daily Dog’s commitment to quality care, customer satisfaction and professionalism. The daily reports and pics were a nice touch. The ability to know that my babies were in their home, happy and doing well.. made our trip that much more relaxing and enjoyable. I was admittedly a bit concerned at first about the difference in cost between in-home care and kennel boarding. It only one day away, however, to realize that there’s really no comparison between the two services. The comfort of knowing Mya was receiving one-on-one care each day/night and seeing pictures of her at the end of every day made the slightly higher cost more than worth it. Please feel free to add the Keating family to your long list of satisfied customers. We will definitely be back!

C. Keating, Marshfield, Ma, May 2017

We couldn’t be happier with our experiences with the daily dog, so grateful to have found such a great company to help take care of our dog.

L. Marie, Scituate, Ma, May 2017

I believe it was your sign on Ocean St. I drive by it everyday.

I needed someone to help with our senior dog. My mother had been taking care of him, but was too weak to help him with stairs. This is where The Daily Dog came in. I think it might have been in 2012 or 2013.

Donna had come to our house and met Angus. She was great. Sat on the floor at his level. Understood his needs. A business woman herself. Friendly. Usually many dog places are better with animals and awkward with people, but not Donna. She put me right at ease and confident that she could handle our dogs special needs. Sent photos of him, gave us updates. Really cared about him.

So there was no question with our next dog, that I wanted her to take care of our new puppy Finn. I was happy to find out her business had grown a couple years later.

Kellie is amazing! She gets the ever changing needs of our work schedule. You pick really great dog walkers. Love that they are so caring. Going out of their way to pick up Finn when my husband and I get stuck at work. I consider everyone a team and believe we are not just a client, but friends.

Oh and your billing and online scheduling is so ahead of its time compared to other dog businesses. Bravo!

We appreciate all you do. Our pets are our family and it gives us peace of mind when our loved ones are safe and happy.

Keep up the good work! I love supporting a local neighborhood business!!! We are the lucky ones. 🍀
Happy to recommend 🐶👍🏻❤️

The Lacey’s, Finns parents, Marshfield, MA April 2017

My Bella is a 6 yr. old boxer who is shy/nervous around new people.  When Karina arrived to meet her it took maybe 5 seconds for her to say I love you, licks and leaning against her. We were so relieved that she was a happy dog. Daily Dog also had another who has 2 boxers so knows the breed. Again Bella was instantly in love. It’s nice to know that they take the time to understand your dog’s needs and also make suggestions for a better care plan.

Ruth R., Marshfield, MA, August 2016

For the past few months, since I broke my hip, I have been unable to take our dog, Mocha, on her walks that she loved!

Also, when I returned home from my hospital and rehab stays, we noticed that Mocha was quite anxious and overprotective of me and quite jealous of any attention directed toward Sagwa,our cat. She was barking a lot at home–and in the car and was nipping at people who came to visit! Then—Karen Kinneally came into her life from “The Daily Dog” and took command of Mocha four days a week. Mocha was not only getting the exercise she needed, but had many opportunities for socializing with other dogs! Karen is SO skillful in taking control with a few commands and consistent expectations. Mocha really looks forward to going with Karen on her walks and became more obedient –and relaxed! Thank you for making this great match! We LOVE Karen!

Faith, Scituate, MA, August 2016

 The Daily Dog is awesome! We have a high energy 1.5 year old lab, and they have been walking him since he was a puppy. Karina is his walker and treats him like he is her dog! I always feel at ease when I know she is coming to walk him! I also love the convenience of scheduling with the online system.

Caitlin R. Marshfield, MA, August 2016

The Daily Dog serves not only pups, but cats, too. I have a diabetic cat and the Daily Dog saved the day when we called them last minute needing care for a long weekend. Kristen not only took excellent care of our kitty, but gave her twice daily insulin shots, documented her care of Heddy, and texted me (after ensuring this was okay with me) updates. I am thrilled to have found the Daily Dog and am definitely sticking with them. The best cat care I’ve ever experienced, and reasonably priced.

Lorraine D., Scituate, MA, August 2016

We were very lucky The Daily Dog expanded to Norwell! So reliable and accommodating. We get a great update after each walk. Winnie loves walking with Kristen! Thanks Daily Dog & team!

Francesca W., Norwell, MA, August 2016

My very spoiled and bossy Finn is always happy to see Karen. I’ve seen his body language when he is not happy and it is not the case when he sees her. He just wants to give Karen kisses. Karen is patient, loving and smart. We feel so fortunate to have found the daily dog and to be able to trust them is unvaluable. Kellie is very accomodating and proactive.

Fernanda, Scituate, MA, August 2016

I have an 8 month old long-haired miniature dachshund named Rafa. Rafa was an obsessive barker,

Rafafamily gatherings, dogs and other people were triggers. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get him to stop. I called Donna desperate for help with this and other issues. Upon meeting Rafa, Donna suggested I use a remote collar as an aid for training to “build his confidence”. This is something I did not want to do as I was a believer that training collars were cruel and that It may somehow change Rafa. Boy, was I wrong. After a few more weeks of barking I decided to give the training collar a try.

Donna believes that owners should feel what the collar is like before agreeing to use one. I first tried the collar on my hand and I realized that the collar would not hurt him. The collar taps him to get his attention so he will listen to the command given to him. After a guided session I used the collar along with the command “quiet” and I was amazed at how effective it was. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen over night but after working with him consistently, his barking is now under control. When he starts barking I tell him “quiet” and he stops. I was astonished! I can now recall Rafa and, as Donna would say “he now has confidence in his position and does not make poor decisions anymore”.

I can now take Rafa out in public and not only is he well behaved but he no longer barks obsessively. I honestly don’t feel that the training would have been as quick and effective if I didn’t decide to use the training collar. I am now a true believer in using training collars as an aid in training your dog and not just for barking.

Donna is the most amazing trainer who goes above and beyond what is expected. Every training session was customized to meet the needs of Rafa. Donna not only came to my house but she was willing to meet at other locations to work on socializing Rafa with both people and dogs. I can’t say enough positive things about Donna but I can sum it up by saying she is the “dog whisperer”. Thank you Donna!

Jessica R., Marshfield, MA, August 2016

The Daily Dog is a wonderful dog walking/feeding service. Karen (who walks the Scituate dogs is the best!!!) I have 2 very different dogs, (a 75 pound dog and a 10 pounder). She easily handles their dual walks and different temperaments.

Jean G., Scituate, MA, August 2016

We absolutely love the Daily Dog! Everyone is so caring and treats our dog, Sammy, like it’s theirs! I don’t know what we’d do without you guys! We LOVE Shawna and Sammy does too – the walks, playdates, and overnights are always great and we know we’re leaving our dog in the best hands possible. Thank you for all the love and care that you put towards the pups! – Megan & Drew

Megan & Drew, Marshfield, MA, August 2016

I highly recommend the Daily Dog for anyone looking for dog walking and training . Donna and her crew are the best!

Caitlin F., Marshfield, MA, August 2016


I would give Donna 10 stars!! I’m so happy I found Daily Dog. My Bailey was in her 2 week boot camp! I would get updates with pictures every other day, she would tell me how Bailey was doing. She worked wonders with Bailey, He is now a pleasure to walk. He has learned one word commands and has caught on beautifully. Donna did a 2 week follow-up at my house; Bailey was not doing the stairs in my building. In literally 2.5 seconds she had Bailey going up and down three flights of stairs. It was amazing. She is truly an animal lover and an awesome trainer. I would recommend her to everyone. I also know that if I have any issues or concerns I can call her anytime!! If your puppy or older dog needs some obedience training, I highly recommend Donna. PAWS UP TO DONNA!!!

Molly B., Marshfield, MA, July 2016

“Karin is the best with our puppy! We always get a daily update of what Scarlet did while out on her break, and sometimes we even get a picture. It brings a smile to my face to see her out and about while I have to leave her during the work day. We would recommend Karin and The Daily Dog to anyone!”

Allison, Marshfield, MA, July 2016

“We are very happy with the Daily Dog.  Karen takes very good care of our little friend. She sends us lots of great pictures of him having fun on his walks each day. It is reassuring to know he’s in such good hands.”
Lucy, Marshfield, MA, July 2016

Little Miss Roxie has ruled the roost for 10 long years. She held me hostage for TEN YEARS I tell you! After the first meeting with Donna the tables turned! We just completed class number 5, and it’s like I have a new dog! Let’s be honest here, Donna has trained me, and now I run the show. Goes to show you can teach an old dog, and woman) new tricks!
Melissa M., Scituate, MA, June 2016

Michelle and Maise Great PyraneesOne evening in September as I was looking at all the dog pictures on Big Fluffy Dog Rescue , a particular dog caught my attention. She was a four-year-old Great Pyrenees with a questionable past abused and emaciated Saddest face ever eyes showing years of neglect, looking for a fur ever home…and I decided it’s time to change her life. She came to me from Tennessee after a grueling three days in a van , to get up north and I discovered that she was terrified of getting in a car! For three weeks I walked everywhere with her I didn’t know how to get her in my car I tried everything and then I called Donna from the Daily Dog . Donna specializes in rescues and has taught me so much. She is currently training Maisie and me. Donna encouraged me to be a strong dog leader and she encouraged Maisie to be a happy yet obedient dog, in a strong yet understanding way. i’m happy to report that Maisie recently learned how to get in my car and is thriving and under the direction of Donna who is training me as well as my dog Maisie, Maisie will live a very wonderful life with proper training and positive reinforcement. Donna and her dog walkers have helped me understand Maisie and helped her face her fears and become a very happy dog. I highly recommend Donna Dunlop for training leadership and any dog walking services.

Michelle C., Marshfield, MA, October 2015

I met Donna just after moving to the area and have been so impressed by her professionalism and the Diabloway she cares for my dog, Diablo. She’s knowledgeable and passionate about her work. I tend to be pretty selective on who I trust to handle my boy, and Donna is truly at the top of that very short list. Whether I’m traveling for several days or just have a long day at work, I know I don’t have to worry that Diablo is in good hands!

Jeff D., Marshfield, MA, September 2015


Rosie the BoxerBeing introduced to Donna was one of the best things that has happened to me!! She took wonderful care of my (young, fresh) boxer, Rosie, for 5 weeks while we were in between houses. THEN, she introduced us to the E-collar… This has drastically improved our quality of life… Rosie has learned so much, so fast and is a much happier dog!! Rather than knocking my kids over on the way to tackle my husband when he gets home at night she sits and waits until she is calm enough for a proper greeting. She no longer barks at everyone and anything who comes into the area. She comes when called, rather than bolting in the other direction! She is beginning to be able to heel around the yard without a leash. She follows me around, lovingly watching me, waiting for her next training session… Rather than sneaking off to get into trouble. Rosie loves her new collar so much that she brings it to me after I take it off at the end of the day!! I am BEYOND excited about what this month (only a month!) of training has done for us all. Donna is amazing to work with.. She is always accessible for help or support…. With training or dog sitting. Thank you Donna for all you have done for us!!!

Nicholette C., Marshfield, MA, September 2015

Donna, the owner of the Daily Dog, is very passionate about her career in dog training. She is both knowledgeable and reliable. She also has a wonderful way about her- she is friendly, outgoing and fun! Our yellow lab, Daisy, absolutely adores her. We intend to use the Daily Dogs services for years to come.

Sandy T., Scituate, MA, September 2014


“Donna is a dog whisperer. I hired her to help me with a rescue dog back in 2005 and she was a godsend.  She helped me learn how to deal with my dog’s aggression and also helped me when I added a puppy so that feeding time wasn’t so stressful for both me and the dogs.  She also trained me on the electronic collar, which was an immense relief for me while driving with my dog who would whine for literally hours before I learned how to use the collar.  Donna is patient and trains with care and tolerance.  She doesn’t believe there is a bad dog out there who can’t be trained to be a responsive companion. She also emphasizes that the owner be able to follow through with the training so that the lessons stick and are always being reinforced.  I recommend Donna highly for training and I would trust her with taking care of my animals when I’m away.”

Mary Kay F. Scituate, MA


client feedback“Donna’s work with our dog Zeva has transformed her from a dog with a variety of behavioral issues to one who is very much a pleasure to own and be with.  Zeva had issues with wetting, being destructive, and acting unpredictably with strangers.  Donna’s training has replaced Zeva’s bad habits with behaviors that are predictable and easy to reinforce and has made her a very enjoyable dog to own.  Donna’s breadth of knowledge and experience in dog behavior is nothing short of amazing and we would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs help with their dogs.”

Rich Kula of CT

client feedback“Dear Donna,
I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Rusty and making the suggestion to me that you stay here in my home while I went to Alaska this summer.  I had never thought about having someone stay here before but it was a perfect idea.  As you know, Rusty is a rescue dog and does not like or deal with change very well. Knowing that he was well cared for in his own home made my trip so much nicer since I didn’t have to worry about him.  I know he can be a big of a nudge, a bit of a whiner sometimes, and a challenge to deal with, but my last experience placing him somewhere else while I traveled was terrible for him.

Also, thank you for treating him to a new dog food, he loves it and it’s now on the menu.  I most definitely will pass your name along to all my friends with dogs, and I am sure the other dog owners in the local park will do the same.”

Best regards,
Brian M. of Roslindale, MA, July 2013


client feedback“I hired Donna to help train me on the proper use of the electric collar.  I have hunting dogs and for the most part, they stayed close by – that is, until I got my first field pointer. Jackson is very “birdie” and listening wasn’t one of his strengths.  Donna took Jackson out for about 15 minutes with a check cord and he soon learned the “come” command in no time flat.  She then taught me how to use it.  I can now let Jackson do his thing, always with the collar on, but rarely having to make corrections.  He now comes when called and I know he is safe.  I was pretty much against the collar but like everything else, if used correctly, it is one of the most effective training tools.  Donna is a great trainer and I would highly recommend her.”

Carol S. of Marshfield, MA, June 2013  (Proud mom of two Pointers)


client feedback“Donna has exhibited exceptional skill working with dogs of all demeanors.  I have personally observed her interactions and would recommend her to any dog owner.”

Martin Cohen of Marshfield, MA, April 2011




image“Donna has cared for my two Golden Doodles since they were two months old.  I have 100% confidence whether they are staying with her overnight, a weekend or an extended stay.  What I love is that Donna takes the time to send photos of their adventures… honestly I think they’re having a better time than I am!  They certainly wag their tails when we pull up to her home.

I have recently hired Donna for training.  She is amazing.  Within two sessions I have witnessed a remarkable difference.  My goal is to be able to bring my dogs anywhere and know that the training will allow all to have an enjoyable experience while keeping them safe.  I am confident that we’ll get there soon.

Her knowledge of dog behavior is very impressive —-  I am very pleased with the level of service and her commitment to the well-being of my dogs.”

Judy D. of Wareham, MA, May 2014


“I found Donna via a pet care website and I am so glad I did, she is the best.  Her flexibility with her schedule is great.  She appreciates how much an owner misses their pet while they are away, so, she takes pictures daily even sometimes hourly of my dog and send them to me whenever she watches him.  I will not go to anyone else but Donna from now on.”

Matt S. of Randolph, MA, December 2013


Anna and Pixie

“I love Donna and the Daily Dog.  I wouldn’t leave my dogs with anyone else.  My dogs love the walks, the expeditions, and the dog-sitting.  I trust her completely with my spoiled creatures.  The best part is Donna’s flexibility.  She always comes up with a plan when I need help with my dogs.”

Kate B. of Marshfield, MA, September 2013