Our Pet Services in the South Shore area, especially Dog Walking

Everything Your Pet Needs

Dog Walking – walking on Marshfield beachWe walk dogs in Marshfield,  Scituate and Norwell on weekdays, usually in your neighborhood but also at nearby parks or on beaches if time allows.

Round Pond Walk






Pet  Sitting Visits- Want to keep your pups schedule Black Labrador at homeconsistent as you never left the house?  Many dogs prefer to stay in their home rather than go off to kennels. It can remove that stress. Some dogs don’t enjoy being around other dogs they don’t know.  We come to your home multiple times a day to provide your pup with everything they need:  breakfast, lunch and dinner, playtime in the yard or maybe a nice walk in the neighborhood.


Training Camp – SMA dog trainingometimes the best way to train your dog is to remove him from his environment and start having him trained in a neutral setting.  We train your dog in a home environment and provide him with 2 to 3 weeks of interval training. One week with the trainer one week back home to rehearse the training with their owners and then back with with trainer and so on.  The reason we do a board and train combination owner training is to give you and your dog the best type of training available. The next step is to continue a few lessons after the board and train program so the owner feels comfortable with their new relationship with their pet and can maintain the training at home.  We believe that having open lines of communication with us is the only way to be successful. We can’t help you if you don’t give us the entire picture. Therefore, when training has ended we are always available for questions.


Dog Training –Lexi obedience training

We meet in your home to discuss you and your dog’s needs, then create a customized training plan. Then we will determine the types of tools and training plan to use. Personalized  classes, from Basic Obedience to Advanced Obedience are offered. We offer off-leash reliability training and remote collar training, as well. We train at your home, but also try to include real-life experiences to teach your dog how to behave in public places such as the beach, parks, or the grocery store.

Pet Taxi – Drop-off and pick-up services are available for vet visits, groomers, and doggie day care.

Cat Care- Feed and provide fresh water for your cat and clean litter box.

Email anytime for more information, with questions, or for an appointment.