Do you charge for travel time?

We do not charge for travel if we are coming to walk your dog.  However, we do charge standard mileage for on-site training services and drop-off and pick-up requests.

Do you offer consultations?

Yes, for dog walking and pet sitting clients meet & greets are free. For dog training clients, we offer a complimentary half hour consultation to get to know you and your dog. You determine the time we spend together. If we chat longer than 30 minutes there is a consultation/evaluation charge.

What kinds of dogs do you train?

Although Donna works with most any dog for training, many of her clients own Pointers, Dobermans, Terriers, Bulldogs, Shepherds, Labradors, Hounds, Yorkies, Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, and Rescue Dogs.  Donna has had extensive experience rehabilitating rescue dogs.

Do you work with animals other than dogs?

Of course! We have worked with cats, porcupines, rabbits, birds, chickens, fish, and other small animals.

What methods do you use to train dogs?

No one method applies to all dogs or breeds.  Donna will meet with you in your home to discuss your lifestyle, immediate needs, your dog’s needs, and what is your ultimate desired relationship between you and your dog.  Then she creates a customized obedience training plan, determining the types of tools needed that will lead to a stress-free happy home.

Do you ever find that some dogs just can't be fixed?

In my experience, most dogs can be rehabilitated and trained. The most critical part, yet the hardest part of training is getting the owner to make changes with regards to how they communicate with their dog and sticking with their new found communications skills for the rest of their dog’s life.

Do you offer doggy daycare?

No, that is not a service we offer. However, we can drop off your dog to and from a doggy day care in Marshfield, Scituate and Norwell.

How long will I be able to reinforce what you've taught my dog after training camp is over?

Within the training camp package, Donna includes some follow-up sessions with the owner. During these sessions, she transfers to the owner the lessons that she’s taught the dog, and will share what she learned about the dog from working closely with them. She helps the owner learn how to maintain what the dog has learned. Owners MUST reinforce the obedience training. If not, you will have set backs with your dog. You can always call with questions any time after training has been completed.

Can you teach my dog to do tricks, like roll over or play catch?

Yes, but most of Donna’s clients have her focus on the tough stuff, the pendency training. Obedience training should be the primary focus, from puppy training to advanced off-leash reliability. This will make your relationship with your pup more fun.

How do we go about hiring a dog walker or pet sitter?

First, we discuss your needs and see if we can assist you. We then email you our standard paperwork. After we receive your paperwork, we schedule a 20 minute meet and greet with the Dog Walker that we feel would be a good fit for you and your pet. When you are all set to move forward, we set you up on our professional pet sitting software so that you can book your dog walks online, at any time, at your convenience, not ours.

Are you hiring dog walkers

We are always interested in hearing from you. Please, email us your resume and tell us why you want to work with dogs.

Do your dog walkers have insurance coverage?

Yes, everyone at The Daily Dog, LLC is required to be Bonded, Insured and have a flawless Background check.

How do we go about hiring a dog walker or pet sitter?

What are your hours?
The Daily Dog, LLC’s regular business hours for scheduling via phone and email are:
Monday – Friday 8:30am-6pm
Saturday 8:30am-1pm

*Please note that these are only business hours for booking services. We are available for dog walks, pet sitting & obedience training 7 days a week.

What geographic region do you cover?

We walk dogs in Marshfield, Scituate and Norwell. We will expand our coverage throughout the South Shore and beyond as demand grows. For dog training, Donna travels along the coast from Kingston, Duxbury, Marshfield, Scituate, and to the Norwell area.

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