What Sets Us Apart?

Our mission at The Daily Dog is to always keep your pet’s comfort and safety as our top priority. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for your very special friend, which in turn will give you peace of mind, enhancing the quality of your life as well!

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PENELOPE • Administrative Assistant

Penelope grew up in Northampton, MA, always having dogs and cats.  A few years after graduating from Endicott College, Penelope and her husband settled in Marshfield in 2009.  They have two young children and hope to add a dog to their family in the near future.

Prior to having children, Penelope worked in the event coordinating and planning industry, managing all aspects of corporate and special events.  She then took a break from the working world for a few years, raising her two babies.  A couple of years ago, Penelope re-entered the professional world to continue her career in the customer services industry.  She joined a corporate company where she worked hand-in-hand connecting families with caregivers.  In this position, Penelope was able to match many families with amazing pet care providers.

Penelope loves working for The Daily Dog as she truly enjoys helping families and their beloved pets.  She is extremely detail-oriented and organized, and will make it her top priority to focus on your pet’s individual needs.

Shawna, Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

 SHAWNA • Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Growing up in Marshfield, Shawna always had a family dog. She still lives in Marshfield with her husband and four children along with Angus, their black Lab puppy.

Shawna has always had a deep love for dogs and believes that every child should have the opportunity to grow up with a dog as their best friend. She enjoys learning about different dog breeds and the traits that make them special and she enjoys watching dogs interact and socialize with one another. Shawna is certified in Pet CPR, First Aid & Care by completing PetTech training.  She loves being a part of the Daily Dog team!


KRISTEN • Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Kristen was born and raised in Norwell with her family and four dogs Brandy, Rufus, Ziggy and Grover.  She was very lucky to grow up with the unconditional love of such wonderful dogs. At a young age, she always knew she wanted a household full of pets.

Kristen and her husband Tim moved to Scituate 16 years ago where they raised their two daughters Katie and Kelly who are currently High School students. They have two Boxer dogs named Scrappy and Stella and an indoor bunny named Trixie.

Her Boxers are a huge part of her family and she has so much fun hiking, beaching, and boating with them.  Previously working in the fitness industry, she loves to walk and be active with her dogs.  Kristen believes it is a wonderful thing to combine her love of dogs with her love of fitness and looks forward to the wagging tails and wet kisses it brings.

She is super excited to get to meet some new dogs that she can tire out and make them very happy along with their owners.

Kristen has been Certified in CPR, First Aid & Care For Your Pets by PetTech™.


 KARINA • Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Growing up in England Karina aways had pets. She had dogs, cats, a rabbit and a guinea pig. In her teenage years, she had a horse and spent each day after school and every weekend with him.

She lives in Marshfield with her husband, 3 girls and their 2 dogs. After being a stay at home mum and nanny for 15 years, Karina was looking for a job to keep her busy when her girls were at school. She loves being outdoors and she enjoys walking her dogs in all weathers, so what better choice than to be a dog walker! She enjoys her quality time walking her Daily Dog pups!

Karina is certified in Pet CPR, First Aid & Care by completing PetTech™.


KAREN • Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Karen is a new arrival to the South Shore, having moved here from Ireland in May 2015. She lives in Scituate with her partner Mike and she teaches yoga in Scituate and Norwell (check out

She has always been an animal lover and has kept horses, dogs, cats, a rabbit and a guinea pig. She was one of those kids who always preferred the company of animals and even today believes that nothing compared to the unconditional love of a dog. Ever since she moved to the US she has been pining for her main man, a handsome Black Lab / Boxer cross called Harry, who loves to climb trees and join her on her yoga mat, but who sadly had to stay at home in Ireland.

In the absence of her number one hound, she is so happy to have some daily fluff back in her life. She likes to run, so don’t be surprised if your dog gets a little extra exercise! She has a degree in Irish and Translation, and since arriving in MA she has begun teaching Irish in the Irish Cultural Center in Canton, and the Irish International Immigrant Center.

Karen is certified in Pet CPR, First Aid & Care by completing PetTech™.


LIZ • Dog Walker

Liz grew up in Marshfield. As a child her family always had both cats and dogs. She returned to Marshfield after college because she missed the beaches and loves the area. The day after she and her husband bought their first house they picked up their first dog and have had dogs ever since.

She currently has 3 dogs. Basil, a 7 year old beagle rescue, Mabel, a 2 year old yellow lab and Buford a 10 month old lab mix rescue. She and her husband have 2 human children as well, both in middle school. Liz and her family also regularly foster for Labs4rescue because she strongly believes every dog deserves a loving home.
Liz is excited to be working for The Daily Dog. What could be better than fresh air and dog kisses?

Liz has been Certified in CPR, First Aid & Care For Your Pets by PetTech™.

Beth, Dog Walker

BETH • Dog Walker

Beth grew up in grew up in Marshfield where her family always had dogs and cats, hamsters and mice. She still lives here in town with her husband and their three sons. Beth has been a stay at home mom for the last 14 years, but started back to work the last few years as a substitute teacher aid, and most recently has started walking dogs.

Beth and her family currently have a 4 year old King Charles Cavalier named Daniel, and a cat named Julie.

Over the years she has rescued two dogs, the last of which, a Brittany- Setter mix named Zuzu, who needed a lot of TLC to become the excellent dog she was in the end.


DEBBIE • Dog Walker

Her love for animals started as a child and she has cared for animals of all sizes like hamsters, parakeets, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs and horses. She lives with her husband, four children and their two lovable dogs Melody and Chloe and their cat Jessie.

Her love for dogs has always had her involved with rescue.  Her family fosters for Paws New England and they have cared for and loved many dogs before finding them their forever home!  It is a very rewarding for Debbie.  Last summer they had an awesome experience of witnessing the birth of five puppies in their home!  They cared for them, watched them grow and then found loving homes for 4 of the pups and their momma…they kept one of the pups, of course!

Debbie enjoys the beach, kayaking, horseback riding, and long walks with her dogs and just being outdoors with her family.


SANDY • Dog Walker

Sandy grew up in CT but has lived in Marshfield for 23 years. Her two children are grown up now and off working or in the final year of college, but over the years they had a household of birds, fish, a bunny, frogs, a hamster and 2 great labs – Cinder and Grady. Her daughter also rode horses for a while.

Sandy has worked in retail for over 10 years but also volunteered at the Scituate Animal Shelter as a dog walker, and worked as a dog handler at a Marshfield doggy daycare. Since she loves dogs, being outdoors, and walking for exercise, she has decided to combine them. She and her husband Brett enjoy hiking, boating, bicycling, cross country skiing, cooking, motorcycles, and travelling.


JOY • Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Joy’s love of animals began at a young age and she has always had animals in her home. Cats, dogs, ferrets, and even scorpions!

Joy has spent the past 3 years actively involved in animal rescue efforts. She has fostered many dogs for Last Hope K9 and worked hard to find pups their forever home by attending adoption events and processing adoption applications.

Joy is the proud owner of two rescue dogs Gulliver, a boxer mix, and Story, the boxer. She and her husband Chris moved to Marshfield in 2006, and proud parents of a 5 year old human, Aidan.

Joy is very involved in learning new training techniques and is also certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.


KORYNN • Dog Walker

Korynn is a veterinary student at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand. From a young age she knew her life would be dedicated to animal welfare and has worked towards that ever since. Korynn was raised in New England, but recently moved back from Pisa, Italy where she participated in a pre-veterinary programme. She backpacked Europe and gained an extensive knowledge about the cultural differences for animal care. Korynn grew up with three pugs, three birds and some fish along the way. When she turned 18 her birthday money was saved to adopt a dog in need, and she did.  Recently, Korynn has been working side by side with local veterinarians assisting and observing veterinary care for various animals from domestic to livestock, horses, and even a water buffalo. She values the unconditional love from all her furry friends and looks forward to meeting yours.


KELLY• Dog Walker

Kelly grew up in Chatham, MA and moved overseas after college to work as a teacher and entrepreneur where she lived for 17 years before returning to the U.S. to settle in Norwell with her two boys and a cat they brought back from Oman.  She grew up mainly with cats in her home, but was fortunate to have many dogs in the neighborhood which she walked and cared for when the neighbors were away.

While overseas she rescued many stray or injured dogs and cats, caring for them until she found a home for them or supporting the BSPCA by donating to them to take the injured animals she was unable to attend to.  Kelly kept many animals as well, like a beautiful Saluki/golden retriever mix she rescued from a hotel parking lot and a Dilmun cat that needed a home, both breeds native to the area.  She is now a proud owner of a recued tabby cat from New Hampshire and a few spoiled chickens.

Kelly has a love for animals as well as children.  She assisted in reopening the community center in her town and worked as a preschool and kindergarten teacher for over 10 years.  She is active with boot camp and running and has a passion for reiki, traveling and home renovating. 

Kelly is excited to be a part of The Daily Dog team and supporting your pet’s individual needs, attention and care!